Entry, foreign exhibitors:

You can enter your dogs either by SKK’s OnLine Service or do postal entries.

SKK’s Entry OnLine service (Internetanmälan)

With this service you do your entries for one or more dogs, and pay the entry fees at the same time (we accept payment via VISA or MasterCard). Go to http://kennet.skk.se/anmalan/

You may not enter the show via Svenska Kennelklubbens, SKK, (the Swedish Kennel Club’s) online service, until the dog has been recorded by SKK and can be find in the SKK’s database. A foreign dog which has participate at an official dog show in Sweden or has progeny registered in Sweden, will be found in the database. If you can’t find the dog’s data, then SKK need to record the dog’s information into the database before you enter. Please note that in the database the dog will keep its original registration number, i.e. the dog will NOT receive a Swedish registration number as well.

If your can’t find your dog in SKK’s database but you want the dog to be included, you need to send  a photocopy of the registration certificate including registration number, three generation pedigree (with reg.no.) e.t.c. Please note that the copy has to be sharp and readable otherwise we can’t type in the information.

Please send the photocopy by post to:

SE-163 85 SPÅNGA
or by fax: +46 8 795 30 99.

Please write a note of the purpose.

N.B. We kindly ask you to send the photocopy well ahead in time since they record foreign dogs when time left.